Market Attracts More Tasikmalaya woven Japan and Malaysia

Market Attracts More Tasikmalaya woven Japan and Malaysia

Bandung – woven handicraft products are the result of the work of craftsmen Rajapolah, Tasikmalaya marketable Malaysia and Japan, thus becoming one of the potential export commodities.

“Handicraft products of Tasikmalaya we sell not only in Indonesia, but in exports to Malaysia and Japan,” said Sandi a young entrepreneur in Tasikmalaya Regency Bandung, Tuesday (27/10).

The password is one of the creative businesses Jabar had guidance from the Department of Youth and Sports in the West Java Tasikmalaya region.

He was joined in the Forum Craft Jabar formed to develop craft products, as well as opening the market networks together both at home and abroad.

He produces woven materials made from basic materials pandan and rushes. Mendong is a kind of thatch or grain is dried and then woven.

Some products are mat rushes rushes typical Tasikmalaya, as well as pandan materials for a number of handicraft products such as mats, hats, tote bags, table cloths, footwear and others.

“The craftsmen Rajapolah Tasikmalaya district does not use the machine, all done with manual tools,” he said.

Sandi explained in more Indonesian products are sold to Pekanbaru and Bali. A daily average of 3,000 wallet products sold with a turnover of as much as Rp21 million.

In addition to wallets, handicraft pandan which have all kinds of bag products, a CD, a craftsman, slippers and a pen.

In addition Sandi said the funding issue aside conducted independently supported government assistance through direct assistance.

“We hope that young entrepreneurs are more developed, advanced and creative with new products and more government support and attention to young entrepreneurs who have talent, especially in the field of handicrafts,” says Sandi.